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The challenges and annoyances that many patients face as they seek medical care seem all too familiar. Long waits for appointments, frustrating registration procedures, gaps in care, unclear post-visit treatment plans—these and similar inefficiencies often conspire to make patient journeys feel like obstacle courses.

Among numerous operational challenges fueling these inefficiencies is managing the volume of human and material resources required to provide effective patient care. The good news: The health care sector is poised to embark on a far-reaching digital transformation journey that could help providers reduce chronic operational inefficiencies and optimize the use of expensive resources. For example, it can predict congestion and make recommendations to certain front-line clinicians to prioritize discharges. The CTC platform, which replicates best processes used in hotels and airlines to increase capacity and reduce variability, monitors data continuously to optimize the flow and utilization of resources.

Importantly, the CTC system can coordinate moving parts to reduce operational variability before, during, and after patient visits. Before the visit. In some instances, physicians will be available to provide patient care remotely using telemedicine systems, eliminating the need for some patients to visit hospitals.

Patients who must come in will be able to fill out short algorithmic questionnaires prior to their visits, helping clinicians proactively address concerns and determine whether a patient needs to schedule visit with a physician. Nurses can then interpret results and triage accordingly.

Actions and Detail Panel

If a patient needs to come in, the clinician has more information available, reducing the amount of time needed for the visit. Meanwhile, some patients—particularly those requiring door-to-door assistance, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and stretcher rides—may miss medical appointments because of transportation issues. With a CTC system, these rides, whether on-demand or scheduled, can be efficiently coordinated and integrated into workflows—for example, authorization, care coordination, and billing. During the visit. Once a patient is registered, a sensor-driven experiential wayfinding application on her mobile phone guides her from registration, to exam rooms, to labs and pharmacies, then back to her car.

For example, when the system detects that a patient has entered the parking lot, it alerts the pharmacy to prepare an infusion kit, reducing clinician downtime and patient waiting time.

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Some patients may be at risk for exceeding their expected length of stay simply because they have not received the proper ancillaries, such as blood work or imaging. A care traffic control system can nudge clinicians and administrators via text or some other modality to prioritize ancillaries for patients scheduled to be discharged soon. During flu season, hospital emergency departments can quickly become overwhelmed by patients seeking treatment.

Advanced analytics that leverage third-party data sources such as public health data or online searches can help predict surges in flu cases and accelerate discharges or transfers of noncritical patients from emergency care to accommodate a surge.

Who is SSI?

After the visit. Positive outcomes often depend on patient adherence to treatment plans. Yet some treatment regimens can be complex and difficult to follow. For those who are at risk, clinicians will be able to monitor patients more closely, personalize some treatment regimens to mitigate risk, or intervene as needed. A number of technologies might come into play here.

Care-plan navigation tools might alert caregivers if a patient misses a treatment step. These tools range from mobile applications that guide patients through their regimens to chatbots that follow up with patients to identify why they missed the step, and offer guidance on how to get the treatment plan back on course. Clearly, there is a need to move faster, be bolder, and to elevate the concept of digital from empty wisdom to actual investments. Yet despite this strategic urgency, digital transformation efforts can lose momentum for any number of reasons. What does it take to succeed?

Certain behaviors, attitudes, and actions can make the difference between a successful transformation and another shelved initiative:.

IT should make sure that technology decisions and innovative thinking can be scaled with minimal risk. You have to get there from the realities of today. Mapping your digital future is no small order. But if you can be deliberate about sensing and evaluating emerging technologies, considering the nontechnology forces unlocking new opportunity, and creating a series of well-defined but aspirational ambitions, you can make the unknown knowable.

And this can create the confidence and construct to embrace digital, while setting the stage to move beyond the digital frontier. Bill Briggs et al. View in article. Gerald C. Kane et al. Vikram Kunchala et al. Nitin Mittal et al. Ken Corless et al.

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    Article 22 minute read 16, January, Bill Briggs United States. Nishita Henry United States. Andy Main United States. Driving catalysts to market Technology horizons Playbook for reinvention Opportunity on the horizon Are you ready? Bottom line.

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    There are hundreds of reasons for insomnia to occur, but one of the most common is anxiety over your thoughts. Purge your mind of demanding thoughts by keeping a special diary on your bedside table. Whenever you find yourself worrying about something, write it down to deal with tomorrow. Some people are emotional vampires. From narcissists to perpetual victims, emotional vampires can be a huge drag on your happiness, your focus, and your ambition.

    Write them out of your life to feel more focused and ambitious, as well as far happier.