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Book review of the Mueller report as literature.

The actor chosen for the role is the spitting image of a young Vladimir Putin. The movie sets several missions for itself - one is quite noble, such as the notion that violence against women is never ok. Her only mystical superpower, it seems, is her body - one that every man, regardless of status, rank or upbringing, is eager to have, because you know Apparently, objectifying Lawrence is what female empowerment is all about.

Red Sparrow is part of a compound assault on the Russian people: modern mainstream news and satire cover the political side of things, while films like this try to dehumanize through attacks on society - often by taking bits of truth and cleverly distorting and exaggerating them in order to foster believability. In this respect, Hollywood spy thrillers are an extension of U. Like many of its ilk, Red Sparrow wants to shock, dismay and enrage Western viewers.

At one point we see an entire part of Moscow completely computer-generated, seemingly for the sole purpose of inducing a sort of brutalist architectural agoraphobia. The central Teatralnaya Square, where the Bolshoi Theater is situated, looks nothing like the real thing. One of the latest reductive Western narratives is insinuating that the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were not so different after all.


But there is a more worrying trend: that this is the only reality people want to see. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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Spy thriller ‘Red Sparrow’ serves a powerful dose of hatred that brings cheer to Russophobes

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To add security, they use Mac address filtering instead of the more mundane login and password process. Mac addresses date back to the origins of the Ethernet; every device gets a unique identifier, something like 01—23—45—67—ab.

Our spies make sure that only two specific Mac addresses are allowed on their ad-hoc network. Un fortunately, the counterspies are in on the scheme.

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With a simple packet sniffer , such as Nmap , the FBI out-geek the spies and monitor the exchange. They were probably lulled into a sense of false security. Techies roll their eyes: How gauche! They should have known better than to reuse the same addresses. Mac address spoofing is so easy!

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With address spoofing you can make up hardware identifiers at will. Nothing necessarily nefarious, here, Powerline Ethernet adapters do it all the time. The word is the same in Russian: Idiots.

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My expert friends go further: Why did these bumblers use laptops? Today, you can easily create a bootable Linux system on a USB drive. With a thumb drive, almost any computer, public, private, borrowed can be used.

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  • Easy to use, easy to hide or destroy if needed. These mistakes are strange, almost unexplainable. Russian hackers are considered world-class. Some of them are eerily consonant with the DOJ document.