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Income-based solutions like the Ontario pilot tend to carry considerable price tags but savings are possible through reduced social assistance and healthcare needs. Most programs fighting food insecurity remain food-focused in Canada, despite the problem being more complex than well-intentioned food aid.

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Other proposed solutions like redirecting the immense amount of food wasted in Canada to those in need also fail to address the root causes of food insecurity. They may even regress action to reduce food waste, leading many food recovery organizations to endorse a strictly environmental mission.

In the end, Saul implores us to fight for a country and political system that serves to protect and nourish all citizens. She is a registered dietitian with a bachelor of nutritional sciences from McGill University and a passion for food sovereignty, intuitive eating, and tackling issues on social justice and human rights through the lens of food and agriculture. Log In Account. Income Will. Tweet 1. Share When it came out of my mouth, I knew it was a mistake.

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No lawyer would say yes to that. There was no guarantee, there was no promise, there was nothing to pin down. It was an utterly one-sided deal. And that gut thing I had going said, Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. Whatever Mr. Yeager is, he is not a lawyer. This over a breakfast he and Tori share. Everything flew, came together, answered some earlier questions in the book for me, and set up one of the BIG questions that will be asked only implicitly for most of the rest of the series. Still hanging with the objective of words per day.

Hit , and with them, something I did not know about my MC. Nothing is yet cast in stone… but in about a week the full force of this particular Chaos Storm is going to hit. So I have put some things on hold for a while in order to accomplish anything. My brain turns to fiction when things get rough, stressful, difficult. My plan had been to pick that up on Monday and do it as an after-fiction thing.

At this point, by best-case scenario moves that to early September. The string in the title is CHAOS, and in the little image on my blog, we are currently not in the neat and spiffy central spiral, but in the dark tangle out at the end. Seventy-six pages revised and noted. Only seventy manuscript pages remain, and my hope is to be able to finish that on my next Revision Monday, whenever that might be.

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The type-in revision is going to be a bitch, but I discovered that the stuff I wrote for the character who is going to be eliminated in the final version is actually excellent, contains very good conflict plus active worldbuilding for the story world, set in the near and deadly future, and can be given to the new male lead in the new version as the first couple of chapters of the novel.

Are now causing weakness in his extremities, seizures, some other not-good things. On the bright side, brain surgery has improved a lot in the last half a decade.

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SO… He has big brain surgery pending. This is not a little deal. So the next couple of weeks might have me gone a lot.

NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – The Hunger, DEADLINE: April 15, 2018

Especially if you fail to notice the monster that really is down there in the glow-y green light waiting for you. It has to be early stuff. I got six closely written pages of worldbuilding done, in which I figured out this is AFTER having written the whole first draft of the novel how my hero works. Why would I do worldbuilding after writing the whole first novel and being well into revision? Because by working with an incredibly light concept in first draft, I allowed myself to find the story I really wanted to tell — and it took me twelve chapters to find that world.

They were chapters in which I found the real conflict, for which I only had a vague concept when I started. But what I discovered gives me the conflict for the first part of the book where I have to completely redo the places where the story is set, and bring in the Post-Apocalypse that I discovered twelve chapters in had happened just two years earlier, not ten.

Enter Martha Hartney…

We are going to do it again. But it means you have to know how to write word stories. Not slice-of-life, not mood pieces, not and-then-they-all-died. Real stories. We will only accept one story submission per writer, but to get your best story, you generally need to write a batch of them.

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Which the class is set up to help you do. The town itself was lifting my spirits.

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  • No one loitered on street corners. There were folks out doing things — but they were moving the way people do in the cold. With purpose. With destinations. Sit on the porch swing for a week in summer and just watch people not being criminals. That certainty that something was wrong — that someone was watching me, and that something big, bad, and potentially deadly was about to go down. Was armed, but the gun was under my coat, concealed, and I was going to have to drop the bag to go for it.

    I was regretting the purchase of two jars of jam in class containers. I could sense rapid movement across the street — not on the sidewalk, but behind the houses, through back yards, over fences. And then I stopped myself with one simple question. I could see no movement — and the chain link fence my mind insisted the something that had climbed over had not made the tiniest sound when the person my brain insisted had gone over it moved. Holly Lisle: Writer read with hunger, write with joy, live with passion.

    It took me three hours and thirteen minutes. Make corrections as necessary. That should anywhere between a day or two and a full week of heavy lifting. I might have two or three green cards. I already know I have three or four red cards.