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The Circuit Designer's Companion 4th Edition. Be the first to review this product. Overview A compendium of practical advice and pointers — a unique masterclass in practical product design that bridges the gap between theory and implementation. Commended by Elektor Labs! Read more. While primarily targeting Instrumentation and Control engineers, the ICE Society is open to engineers spanning all disciplines.

Registered members can access job postings, free e-books and software applications, a database of engineering suppliers, manufacturers, and universities, and discuss news and related engineering information in the community forum. Three resources we like from the Instrumentation and Control Engineering Society:. Presented by ABB, Electrical Engineering Resource is an educational tool full of videos and white papers with solutions for electrical engineers.

The Circuit Designer’s Companion, Fourth Edition

The ultimate goal of Electrical Engineering Resource is to help engineers reduce cost, but the information contained on the site goes beyond cost reduction to include safety, protection, technological advancements and more. Electronic Design ElectronicDesign. Electronic Design is the blog of the Penton Electronics Group, a source for electronic design engineers looking for ideas and solutions, new technology information, and engineering essentials.

Because Electronic Design can take an engineer from intent to action, it provides a wealth of information for electronics engineers, including web sites, blogs, email newsletters, and more. Medical Electronics Design readmed. With information, tools, courses, and professional courses crucial to engineers getting their jobs done and their ideas from a concept to reality as quickly as possible, EDN Network is an electronics community for engineers, by engineers.

The EDN blogs are just as useful, with engineers weighing in on topics relevant to electrical engineering, including products, testing and design. Knovel knovelupdates. A cloud-based application that integrates technical information with analytical and search tools, Knovel drives innovation and delivers answers engineers can trust. Knovel continuously updates its expansive collection of content and reflects the needs of users, so it has become a leading online technical reference resource for engineers.

Guests may browse content, but to access content, you need to log in to the site. For access to articles and news, you can visit KExchange , the Knovel Blog.

The Circuit Designer's Companion - Wilson, Peter - | HPB

The Engineering Toolbox. The Engineering ToolBox is offers resources, tools, and basic information for engineering and design of technical applications. Covering an extensive list of topics, the information source is arranged alphabetically and includes a custom search feature to make accessing the information tailored to your needs faster and easier.

Try Engineering TryEngineering. A resource for students, parents, teachers, and school counselors, TryEngineering is a portal dedicated to engineering and engineering careers with the goal of helping young people better understand what engineering is and how a career in engineering can be in their future.

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While TryEngineering provides a wealth of information about what it means to be an engineer and connects students with engineering students and practicing engineers, it also provides early practice in engineering with hands-on experiments and activities, referrals to summer programs and internship opportunities, and more. SupplyFrame SupplyFrame.

Specifically, SupplyFrame connects electronics professions and builds tools to help engineers design great products faster.

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TechOnline is part of UBMTech, a company that delivers business information, events, media, training, and marketing and data services to the technology industry. Electricity and Electronics Teaching Tools is dedicated to making learning electricity and electronics interesting and engaging. With a hands-on philosophy, ETCAI Products develops and distributes software intended for teaching electricity and electronics to school districts and companies. Whether you teach electrical engineering or want to learn more, Electricity and Electronics Teaching Tools more than likely has a useful tool for you.

IDC Technologies. IDC Technologies is an educational provider focused on providing technical training and professional development opportunities for a variety of technical fields, from instrumentation and process control to electrical engineering and industrial data communications. SMPS Technology. SMPS Technology focuses on power supply circuit design problems, solutions, tutorials, tips and resources, as issues are discussed in a unique problem-solving format. Jarrold Foutz is responsible for the site; with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics Electronics Option from UCLA and decades of experience with power supply design, as well as his experience in hypertext systems, Jerrold ensures that his solutions, tutorials, and resources for power supply designers are of the utmost quality.

Mike Holt Enterprises. Mike Holt created Mike Holt Enterprises in , after Mike discovered how difficult it was to find well-written and properly-illustrated materials to help him study for a local electrical exam. Laser Sensors and Research in Electrical Engineering.

ISBN 13: 9780750617567

The research focuses on non-intrusive laser based sensors and involves the use of various types of lasers, spectroscopy, and single-mode diode lasers. Electrical engineers will appreciate the technical nature of the publications from Laser Sensors and Research in Electrical Engineering. Don Klipstein. Don updates his page often, and he links to other sites that are relevant to the scope of electrical engineering as well.

EPCOS develops, manufactures, and markets electronic components, modules, and systems with an eye on the technology markets involving communications technology and automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. The search for Electrical Engineering yielded journals, covering such topics as transactions on sensor networks, materials for optics and electronics, and applied superconductivity, among others. Electrical engineers will find this journal list an invaluable resource, especially in the event they want to change the search parameters to something specific to their interests.

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  • The University of Kent also offers a resource portal with links to engineering departments at other universities, core engineering information sources, trade associations and professional organizations, and more. The EE Compendium eecompendium. The EE Compendium is a vast collection of resources for electrical engineers created by an electrical engineer with 12 years of experience working in the field.

    Meant as an individualistic view of the world of electrical engineering and embedded systems programming, The EE Compendium contains reviews, opinion, projects, and code snippets. Collections of resources in various topic areas are also helpful.

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    Combining over authorized distributors and offering over 70 million electronic components, EEM is a database of electronics components and distributors for electrical engineers and purchasing professionals. EEM has added several unique features to help visitors make the best part and supplier choices, and has eliminated the need for registration or log in for many of those services.

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    Lazar Rozenblat has more than 25 years of experience in power electronics design, from concepts to production, at leading power supply companies. Written by volunteers from all over the world, CircuitsArchive is a free web-based content project to list Electronic Circuits.

    With its continually updated resources, CircuitsArchive is sure to have some of the latest information for electrical engineers.. INE ine. Electronics Tutorials. Authored by Ian C.