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In this scenario, the first session that was opened when Bob arrived on the site ends 30 minutes into his lunch break. When he returns from lunch and continues browsing the website, then Analytics sets a new minute expiry, and a new session begins. Bob was half way through a product purchase when he left your site and went for lunch.

He later returned to complete the transaction. The landing page of the new session is the add-to-cart page. As far as Analytics is concerned, he never left your website.

Session Tracking in Servlets

The difference this time is that because he returned in under 30 minutes, the old session remains open. The first session ends at PM on the 14th of August, and the second session begins at AM on the 15th of August. Every time a user's campaign source changes, Analytics opens a new session. Analytics stores campaign source information.

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Each time the value of the campaign is updated, Analytics opens a new session. In the example above, Bob first arrives at your website via the Google organic keyword Red Widgets , then later returns via the Google paid keyword Blue Widgets.

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Generally speaking, the campaign updates anytime the user arrives at your site via a search engine, referring website, or campaign-tagged URL. Direct traffic, however, never updates or replaces an existing campaign source such as a search engine, referring site, or campaign-tagged information. In the case of Google Ads autotagging , each click generates a unique campaign value a gclid value.

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Because each click has its own gclid value, each click is treated as a separate campaign and creates a new session. If Bob visits a.

How is a session defined? | Help Center

You can use referral exclusions to prevent referrals from specific sites from creating new sessions. Bob clicks your ad, which registers a new session for the first click. This makes it possible to have multiple ad clicks and only one session. If you advertise on third-party ad networks and use manual campaign tags, you should be aware that each click from a single user on those networks might not generate a corresponding session if additional clicks happen within the minute time frame.

This is a common cause of data discrepancies between Analytics and other product reporting. Finally, a quick word about direct traffic in Analytics. Direct as a campaign source never overrides an existing known campaign source like a search engine, referral, or campaign source would.

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Direct traffic that interacts with your content within the minute session window has the same effect as leaving your website for less than 30 minutes. The existing session opens and continues from where it left off. Note that the Multi-Channel Funnel reports handle direct traffic differently than other Analytics reports. It's possible for the value of the metric Sessions to be less than the value of New Users. It is shown in the figure given below:. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services.

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