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And that list she revised? She found it recently and Timothy now checks all the boxes on the list. It is great to be in this place. These relationships show that growth as an individual was a key factor in helping make their togetherness as a couple more successful.

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Sometimes though, romance turns out a little differently. Some significant others are better as platonic friends, which was the case with Betty Trahan Grand, who lives in Charlotte, while her ex-husband-turned-best-friend lives in Dallas. Both Louisiana natives, they met while working at the same hospital. While Grand takes full responsibility for her part in divorce, she also took full responsibility in trying to mend the relationship and foster a friendship. Both their families still lived in Louisiana, and Grand and her ex who she would like to remain nameless would separately visit them every Christmas.

They never ran into each other.

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They now speak almost every day and even take trips together. Some of their favorite places they have visited include San Francisco and San Diego. They just got back from Louisiana for the holidays. She exclusively dated a guy for about six or seven months. A few months later, he reached out to Shoe and told her that breaking up with her was the worst decision he ever made and that he wanted to be with her.

Why these couples gave love a second chance — and how it turned out

Cautiously, she moved forward, but it ended terribly—with him cheating. In addition, she learned about her own self-worth, and how one of the best relationships you can have is the one with yourself.

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Anything you lose comes round in another form. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Life Dating Why these couples gave love a second chance — and how it Life Dating People. They were evicted and had to take their homes with them.

She also had to look great in a mini-skirt — all reasonable requirements in the litmus test of love. Her questions were: What are your goals in life?

What keeps you awake at night? Neither of us was perfect and, to tell you the truth, Hope fell in love with me because I worked at a cool job, had all my hair and sent her extravagant gifts. I should point out that, at this time, she was totally unaware I charged these gifts to my corporate accounts.

This was the perfect combination: steak and sizzle — her being the obvious heat, me being the obvious pillar. And, from that day we met, we have each our time trying to bring the other around to our way of thinking. When Hope buys clay pots and furniture, she brings them home only to faux paint them to the style she likes.

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  • My question: Why buy them in the first place? Hope is a long distance runner. To me, running is exercise — and I hate exercise. But tennis or golf?

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    Hope likes hotels that have five stars for ambience and zero stars for cuisine. I like a dump in the worst part of town, with a meal to be remembered for eternity. I look at glasses as half full. I now love shopping for clothes for myself. And as far as Hope goes, she now appreciates that I can do things around the house without calling down to the super — which, we left 23 years ago in New York.

    So, while we hold our ground, she still manages to surprise me and, occasionally, change my mind. I affectionately call her Hurricane Hope, altering everything in her path. Sometimes it takes a hurricane to change your life and challenge everything you thought was right. While you may not be wrong, sometimes you need to be shaken up.

    Do you agree or disagree that it is healthy to want to change the people that we love?