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Purified energy is the truth that will set one free A dose of darkness generated by hate can cloud ones energy just as easily as a super sized soda.

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If you do not protect your temple from the enemy, they will destroy it. Remember, your holy war is on the microcosm, in your microbiome, and you are the temple of source—spirit lives in you. When we pump ourselves full of toxic energy we kill our vibe, our electromagnetism, our spirit, our love, and dilute our ability to regenerate.

We are destroying our avatars and our planet at an ever-so-accelerated rate. The impurity of chemicals creates shadows and illusions with their unnatural energy patterns. We trade in our peace and stillness for hate, fear, and sedation.

Just as in The Giver , we have to stop sedating ourselves if we want to bring our senses and emotions back online. Chemicals have been tranquilizing and suppressing the pure energy of the millennial generation since conception. It is almost as if we were born into tar pits that we must claw our way out of if we wish to perceive the light. Like seeds buried in darkness we too must sprout. The toxic energy is what we have all seen tear our friends, families, and planet apart. Having chemical imbalances should not surprise anyone anymore. Silence to the truth like a cancer grows.

We are organic matter as a species, nature, not a science experiment for big pharma and the processed food industry. We should only be healing and building our avatars with the highest-quality organics and the cleanest water as we flush light through our avatars. Human-made energy patterns will never be as powerful, efficient, and as flawlessly designed as natural energy patterns found in nature.

There are natural organic cleaning options, soaps, makeup, shampoos, laundry detergents, dish soaps, and anything else you could possibly need. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one made pure.

Poison Karma

Purity and impurity depend on oneself; no one can purify another. Think about how many chemicals are actually absorbed into your human avatar in a single day by either presence or force that you have just accepted as normal. Think about the microcosm of our lakes and waterways being wiped out by chemicals. As the microcosms collapse the macrocosms follow, we call this ecological collapse. This is not normal, healthy, or natural in any way, and the compounding harm builds daily for both human and planet alike.

Are these really lawns you want your children playing on? We must open our eyes to just how badly we are poisoning ourselves for convenience. We are playing the short game like fools and paying the price in the long game. The wicks of flames have become clogged with foreign matter, causing our lights to dim. The use of chemicals is a typical bad habit taken from your parents, who were unaware due to their lack of information at the time. A lack of information is not an excuse anymore. There are many natural organic solutions easily available for purchase from digital platforms, where we can support small operations while pulling away from funding large toxic corporations.

Chemicals are the reason we are building Humpty Dumpties instead of super conscious humans.

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We are witnessing the chemical dumbing down of society. Chemicals are the reason we are not evolving into a utopian species but instead drowning in fear and hate. How we feel their energy change and how we can enlight others, and help them accomplish something. Not such an easy task with exposed rock, advanced terrain and technical washes throughout the trail network.

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