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She resides in a small town in upstate New York. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Margaret Benson. Witches In Print.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Svenska Edit links. Each of these four groupings have two base metals and their corresponding alloys , which in turn have a related ability that counteracts or balances the base metal.

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Each metal produces an internal or an external effect. In addition to the basic Allomantic metals, there are two fictional "God metals": Atium and Lerasium and their alloys. Burning lerasium or its alloys can turn regular humans into Mistborn and Mistings respectively. In The Final Empire , an atium alloy called Malatium is revealed, which allows an Allomancer to look into the past.

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A misting who can only use atium are called seers. In The Hero of Ages , the atium-Misting Yomen appears to believe that atium and malatium are among the standard Allomantic metals - of which, at the start of the series, only ten are known to normal allomancers, including atium and gold but not malatium or electrum: the latter two are "discovered" during the series, along with aluminum and duralumin, all having been previously known to the Lord Ruler but kept secret.

Thus, with these four discoveries, the original ten, and the revealed importance of the number sixteen, Yomen - and later Sazed, when he ascends and leaves behind his final written message - come to the conclusion that since there are now fourteen known Allomantic metals, therefore there must be two more that are unknown which the Lord Ruler may have also known about, but did not reveal the knowledge, and certainly nobody else knows. Whereas in fact, with atium and malatium not counting among the sixteen, there are in fact not two but four unknown metals chromium, nicrosil, cadmium and bendalloy which do not appear till later books.

Allomancers who flare their metal intensely for extended periods of time may be physiologically altered by the constant influx of Allomantic power. These Allomancers are known as Allomantic Savants.

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These people experience heightened ability with, and dependence upon, whatever metal they are burning in such a manner. Under most circumstances, this is considered damaging and it is believed that this process is irreversible, without powerful external intervention. Feruchemy is a genetic ability found among the people of the Terris region of the Final Empire in Brandon Sanderson 's Mistborn Series.

A person who can use only one Feruchemical metal is known as a Ferring , while those who can use them all are called Feruchemists. Feruchemy involves the use of the same metals as Allomancy , but rather than ingest the metals, they can be worn or carried by the Feruchemist. Unlike Allomancy , the metal itself is not consumed but is used as storage of the Feruchemist's own attributes. Feruchemists refer to the metals that they use as metalminds. As long as a metal is in contact with the skin and the Feruchemist has stored something in it, it can be drawn upon. Usually only the Feruchemist that originally stored the attribute can use it.

During the events written by Sanderson in The Final Empire , the Lord Ruler hunted any and all Feruchemists he could find and it was commonly believed before The Fall that Feruchemists had been entirely exterminated. It was revealed in The Final Empire that they had not all been killed and that shortly after The Fall, they began to travel and teach the skaa the things that they needed to know to effectively live and develop on their own.

All Allomantic metals can be used for Feruchemy but the primary difference between Allomancy and Feruchemy is the way that the metals are used. All an Allomancer needs to gain an ability is burn the appropriate metal but a Feruchemist must spend time without whatever attribute they wish to store. The Feruchemist can then tap into those stores at a later time, making themselves superhumanly powerful for a short duration. In The Alloy of Law , it is revealed that the mixing of Allomantic and Feruchemical bloodlines led to the creation of Twinborn ; people who had one Allomantic and Feruchemical ability.

Twinborn also have a mysterious extra "effect" that gives them powers slightly beyond what the sum of their standard feruchemical and allomantic powers might imply. Hemalurgy is the third metallic art in the Mistborn series, and is based on the powers of the deity Ruin. It allows the transfer of allomantic and feruchemical powers from one person to another, though with a net loss of power. It is the least known among the three arts. To use Hemalurgy, a metal spike must be driven through a point in the body of the power donor.

The spike is then removed and placed into a point in the body of another person for them to receive the power. The spike must be exposed to the donor's flowing blood to work thus the prefix hema- , meaning blood. The most important factor in determining what power is transferred is the type of metal used, with the specific points chosen on the donor and recipient also having an effect.

The most common method is to stab the hemalurgic spike into the heart of the donor, continuing immediately through their body to the recipient's, as the longer the spike is left out of a body, the more power it loses. Piercing critical organs of the receiver such as their heart or brain does not necessarily kill them. However, having a hemalurgic enhancement makes one susceptible to outside influence. Hemalurgic creations, like the koloss and kandra as well as the Steel Inquisitors can be controlled by a sufficiently powerful emotional allomancer.

In early , Brandon Sanderson announced he was working with Crafty Games to release a role-playing game based on the series. While the release date was originally placed as "sometime in ", it shifted multiple times [31] [32] before being released in December in PDF, softcover, and hardcover editions.

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In March , a video game prequel called Mistborn: Birthright was announced slated for a fall release. The game had been delayed until [38] to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and then delayed again to Fall In , a kickstarter campaign raised funds for a board game centered on the Mistborn series called Mistborn: House War. The game started shipping to backers in late August The original trilogy is the first in what Sanderson calls a "trilogy of trilogies. However, the series will not take the place of the originally-planned second Mistborn trilogy, [51] but will instead become a spinoff series, with a third book published as Mistborn: The Bands of Mourning and the fourth book under the working title of Mistborn: The Lost Metal.

There is no scheduled release date for the contemporary trilogy or the science fiction trilogy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Secret History. Retrieved Retrieved January 20, The original pitch was for three trilogies. The Wax and Wayne books expanded this to four series. You can imagine Wax and Wayne as series 1. This means there will still be a contemporary trilogy, and a science fiction trilogy, in the future.

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First edition cover of the first book in the series, Mistborn: The Final Empire. Isaac Stewart. Print hardcover , paperback and leatherbound , audiobook , e-book. Mistborn: The Final Empire. Mistborn: The Well of Ascension. Mistborn: The Hero of Ages. Mistborn: The Alloy of Law. Mistborn: Shadows of Self. October 6, [10].