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Be serious with your tone of voice, and also cite quotations and statistics to further expand the depth of the topic. Remember, your goal is to have a natural dialogue with the host and not sound robotic. Your goal is to understand your audience so you can connect with them.

15 DIY Book Promotion Tools You Need to Know

Stop thinking about the next line, and remain present in the moment. Instead, go with the flow and enjoy the conversation. Try to link the conversation back to your book with short anecdotes relating to the topic. This will keep audience members engaged and create more interest in your book. If you take your time and pay attention to the host, the conversation will flow smoother and everyone will benefit.

Radio shows and podcasts are a terrific way to share your voice to your potential readers. To get started, local radio and podcast shows are always looking for new content to share with their audience.

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They also love their community and will favor locals more so than anyone else. By acting energized and engaged, the listeners will feed off your vibrant energy and will further enjoy your guest appearance. With busy schedules, it happens more often than you might think. Your job is to make your host look smart. Make their jobs easy by educating them about your material. Busy radio hosts and producers will appreciate the extra effort and may even work from your list of questions.

Or any Books, for that Matter...

Avid book buyers love their local bookstores. And since they are your target audience, you should grow your fanbase by making an appearance! Book clubs love to meet new authors, and local bookstores are more than willing to feature guests that will get their readers to the store. Pitch to as many local bookstores as you can handle. Again, you can start as local as a library and work your way up. This will surely attract bigger bookstores to book you as soon as possible. Booking several live appearance will guarantee a boost to your fanbase, and will get fans to organically market your book by word of mouth!

Publications are alive and well. You scored a press interview!

Now practice how to sound like a pro author with these steps even if your voice is cracking from nerves. Print interviews are a little more relaxed than TV or radio spots, but you still have a finite amount of time to get your message across. Hit on the best selling points of your book to get readers interested.

Get to the heart of why your audience needs your book before you do the interview.

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  • All you can do is listen to the question and answer as positively as you can. Remember, unlike an on-air or audio-recorded interview, you can take as much time as you need before you answer. Use it to your advantage. If they want you to write a blog post for their site instead of interviewing you, be sure that you make the post the best it can be. To get more recognition for your upcoming book, you must have a Facebook page.

    We find Facebook to be one of the best platforms to reach your audience. That way fans from Facebook can be directed to your page, and see your latest updates.

    When to Start Marketing Your Book

    Dedicated fans want to see more of you, and love it when you interact through social media. If you also include rewards to sweeten the deal, you may potentially have yourself a full operating social media team that may get you on the front pages of any social media platform! You have something of value to share with your readers, information that sets you apart from the rest. This makes you a thought leader in your field of work.

    Your expertise is not only valued but also sought after. A book can solidify this image and establish you as an authority in your area of specialty. Although you are an expert in your field, writing may be a completely new skill that you are exploring for the first time.

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    This opens new doors for you. You may be writing about what you know best but you will be learning something new.

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    • Enjoy the process of learning because you are getting smarter as you do it. One of the greatest advantages of writing a book is that you earn credibility. People start trusting your ideas and thoughts because they believe you to be someone who knows his or her stuff, which is why you have written a book in the first place. Your reputation soars giving you a better standing in your professional community.

      Often people are so tangled in their day-to-day activities that they no longer explore the hidden recesses of their minds to find information. They may know much more than they practice every day, but they do not have the time to think about it. Writing a book gives you an excellent opportunity to tap into your greatest resource—your mind. You write something and immediately another idea pops up—the light bulb switches on! Being an author is a matter of pride.

      Once you have published your book, that book may outlive you. Your thoughts and words will be read by many. So enjoy your new achievement; enjoy being an author. Now, we are talking about using your book as a marketing tool. The purpose is of course to grab eyeballs, to get people to buy and read your book and to establish yourself as a credible authority in your field of expertise.

      Go all out to get the attention you seek. Most people worry that they are writing what everyone already knows. Even a personal experience can set your book apart from the rest of the books on the same subject. Perhaps you have something unique to share that you may unconsciously add in your book and that might make all the difference. So open up and say interesting things. Who knows what will strike home.

      Most people love to be inspired and refer to other works. This is not wrong. However, remember not to let references and inspirations become the backbone of your book. To stand apart from the rest, you need to be unique.

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      Create something on your own. Most people wonder whether they should opt for paperback or hardcover books. That is just the physical copy. Think about going digital as well to keep up with the times. Of course, nothing beats the feel of bound papers in the form of a book but digital platform options are plenty. You are an author now. Opening doors to authorship also means you have opened doors to several opportunities.