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Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email Address never made public. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. I love how the city itself is described, and how it's such a huge part of the magic and menace. London has such history and weight and it's fascinating to see it play such an important role in this story.

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It's not just a setting, it's as alive as any of the characters. I like that. Aug 27, K. I'm actively angry about the beginning of this book. It's slow, hard going, too many characters insufficiently distinguished, unclear action. I've been churning through it for a month or more, put it down repeatedly. I mean, it takes off like a firework.

Suddenly we have characters , we have coherent action, we have thrilling magic an I'm actively angry about the beginning of this book. Suddenly we have characters , we have coherent action, we have thrilling magic and intense horror and plot lurches and a really good driving concept.

But the first quarter is turgid.

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Poorly served. This is a brilliant dark gritty urban fantasy. View all 5 comments. But now we have to look at this stuff analytically Toshack is arrested and taken into custody and when he is about to confess to all of his crimes, the unthinkable happens: He dies. It is a bloody, sudden death that puzzles the detectives and doctors working the case. There is something really weird happening here—something that might explain how Toshack was able to always be ahead of the law.

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Soon enough, the team come across something that alters the way they perceive the world and they discover that London has a hidden, sinister side. Worst of all, there is a supernatural serial killer on the loose, capable of altering memories and who is kidnapping and boiling children alive. They have only but one choice: to go after her.

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Operation Toto—they are so not in Kansas anymore—is underway and they are armed only with their regular equipment and tactics. What can possibly go wrong? A lot, as it turns out. London Falling is an engaging combination of Urban Fantasy and Horror, featuring a plot that is as close to a crime procedural as it can be. London Falling reminded me a lot of Rivers of London to start with, but there are two essential differences: The London here is a London that is horrifying and scary rather than whimsical and quirky at least in this first entry, opportunities to explore this further will undoubtedly arise in further installments.

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And the main characters in London Falling are completely powerless and have no supernatural help, having to rely on their regular police procedures to face unimaginable evil. Heck, British cops don't even carry guns. This creates wonderful opportunity for awkward, hilarious moments where the cops have to follow normal procedure when dealing with the fantastical: You try and tell a goddesslike creature that she is under arrest and see what happens. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the novel is the way the fantastical elements are explained. On the down side, I thought the writing to be a bit awkward in places, with weird breaks in the narrative and excessive head-hopping.

One could also say that the characters do fall under certain stereotypical patterns but to me, there is enough interesting character development and back story here to make those characters come to life. Just about. I also need to comment on the fact that the central group of characters is quite diverse. Two cops are Black one of them gay ; two cops are women one of them the main chief of their entire organization and no remarks are made on their ability to do their jobs because they are women.

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  4. Bonus point: The only romance in the novel is the one between two blokes, Kevin and Joe. I am very much looking forward to it. In Book Smugglerish, an excited 7 out of Alas, that day is not here just yet. Pts first as always - 3. Think film Think American werewolf in London for style but without the wolves As above the opening chapters take you on a maze of genres as it starts off as a hard-boiled episode of the S Pts first as always - 3.

    As above the opening chapters take you on a maze of genres as it starts off as a hard-boiled episode of the Sweeney 's flying squad that is then it gets well Now for the niggle Its a small niggle but I did phase out during soem of the "thought narrative" as i'll call it. Sorry i call it as i see it. Shelves: fantasy , urban-fantasy , queer-characters , pocmaincharacters. Like Hellblazer crossed with Peter Grant crossed with--I dunno, all sorts of strange fantasms and philosophies. But then it transitions from a normal undercover investigation of a London mob boss and becomes something weird and horrible and haunting.

    By the end I was flat out cheering at bits, and chortling out loud, and gasping. This story grabbed me by my brain and Holy. This story grabbed me by my brain and didn't let go till I was finished with it. Clever, scary, imaginative, and all around worth a read. View all 7 comments. A real 4 star book, cant praise this enough, really well reseached history of london which is merged in with UK modern policing methods to form a storyline in which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    This is what urban fantasy is all about, the author can hold his own with the other authors who use London like Ben Aaronovitch and Benedict Jacka with his own writing style. View all 4 comments. This is a book that contains some quite graphic horror, including children being boiled alive, and yet, I really quite liked it. It took me a while to get into it, in which I'm apparently far from alone, as the beginning is unnecessarily confusing.

    Two undercover cops - deep undercover, and we're thrown right into it, with the suspected-of-being bad one of them fitted up with a recording device by Quill, the detective in charge of the operation. It really wasn't clear who Quill was, who the This is a book that contains some quite graphic horror, including children being boiled alive, and yet, I really quite liked it.

    It really wasn't clear who Quill was, who the two undercover cops or UCs were, and who was the criminal they'd been targeting for a few years, and it definitely wasn't clear why Quill would force Costain to wear a totally outdated recorder that would likely get him killed when it audibly clicked off at the end of the tape. Or why he was doing it now. Eventually though, all the characters get sorted out, and when the undercover op is terminated by the criminal's clearly supernaturally-caused death, the odd team of Quill, Costain, Sefton and Ross a police analyst comes together.

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    It's only when they're "given" the Sight not a gift one of them would have chosen and compare notes that they truly accept this different world they'd never have believed existed in a million years. This is NOT your pretty elves or beautiful Summerland exists behind the city grit kind of urban fantasy. Well, right, I mentioned the children-boiling already, didn't I? There are factors that cause that horror to be slightly more bearable than it would be otherwise, though, which certainly helps. Which doesn't make it any less horrific, of course, but what we experience during the book is less horrific because of it.

    And again, after the spell is broken, the only parents we see remembering their kids are those whose children have been rescued. There may be the possibility that the ones whose kids died continue not to remember them, and that's what I decided to stick with in my own mind. I did spend a bit of time worrying because I liked Costain the crooked UC more than anyone else, but that wasn't a problem really. All of them became interesting in their own right, and their hard-earned partnership and trust is well done.

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    The only one I never totally warmed to was Sefton, though I was quite happy for his relationship success. And I was very glad when someone who'd behaved very sensibly and helpfully to Quill and his oddball team ended up joining them at in the epilogue, I think. Past time, actually, as there was the advice they were given that they ignored. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in the next book. So yes, despite the poor boiled-alive children, and one of the nastiest, and seemingly most impossible to stop given only mundane police tools villains ever, I will be reading on.

    Or listening on, if Audible ever gets it together for this one. There was enough humour, and enough of people trying to do the right thing, to leaven the grimness sufficiently for me.

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    And I do mean humour - the catholic priest, the rabbi and the imam walking into the police station - or pre-fab, for poor Quill and Co. As is what they say to the team about sacred objects At the point I added the update it didn't seem likely, but I'm glad I managed to walk back to the book and start listening again. It took me forever to get into this book.

    Finally, I reached a breakthrough and I was able to finish it.