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The broken mom: A raw letter to my daughters

I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to be an astronaut. But the thing I really wanted to be, more than anything else, was a little less like me. It was only recently that I realised not wanting to be me was at the heart of every dumb decision I ever made.

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A loving husband, two adorable kids and a gorgeous home. All she needs now is an au pair, for life to be truly perfect.

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Her friend Susie is content too. The only There are no fees and you can be any age to join. Zoe, who runs her own boutique with her mirror-image twin sister, Charlie, is twenty-two.

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Upbeat Esme, soon to celebrate a milestone birthday and maker of the best roast dinner around, is sixty-nine. Hard-nosed businesswoman Tanya, blessed with a gentle The Perfect Gift by Emma Hannigan ST This beautiful, moving novel of mothers and daughters and the secrets they share will fill hearts with love and light this summer. Ever since she can remember, Roisin has received She is on her way to stay with her grandmother Clara.

The woman who up until now Nathalie had no idea existed As Clara awaits her granddaughter's arrival, she is filled with a new sense of hope.

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She has spent the past twenty years wishing that her son Max would come back Related Products. The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer NT A warm and immersive novel about ambition, power, women, friendship and finding your place in the world, from the bestselling author of The Wife and The Interestings.

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A Higher Loyalty : Truth, Lies, and Greenfeast : Spring, Summer by Nigel Letters to my Daughters is one of those wonderful books. Throughout their lives, the three Brady sisters have always been closer to their nanny May than to their own mother, Martha a busy midwife. May always thought of them as her daughters so when she dies suddenly, the sisters are left devastated -- especially when they learn that letters intended for them from May with final words of advice and love have gone missing.

But what words of advice could the sisters need? Beatrice, owner of exclusive wedding boutiques, is busy and fulfilled. Rose has a beautiful daughter, a luxurious home and a thriving interiors company. And Jeannie, married to a wealthy plastic surgeon in L. Except that each of the sisters carries a secret As they gather for the reading of May's will in Dublin, they must face some life-changing decisions.