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What kind of music inspired you while you were writing Inhale? Do you listen to music while writing? Is there a playlist for Inhale? Which songs? Where did this passion come from? If you go back and think, when is the first time you really felt that passion and what happened? Kendall: After I quit teaching, a friend asked me to be a subject in her doctoral research on situated cognition — immersion within active learning contexts to maximize understanding of a topic.

For the class, we went up to Gloucester, Massachusetts to learn about whales and then apply our new knowledge by teaching passengers on a whale watch boat. The first time I laid eyes on a humpback, I freaked the hell out. I was so taken, so completely overwhelmed by the immensity and beauty of the whales, I just lost my sh!

Rocked my foundations.

Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing - Chapter 1 — Meir Schneider's Center for Self Healing

I came home and started a corporation to teach kids about whales — I still go into schools and do whale presentations today. I did a research internship in Hervey Bay, Australia in which we photo identified humpbacks by taking pics of their flukes. In the books, I tried to stay true to the setting and the science surrounding the whales as much as possible. Kara: The question I ask everyone I interview. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Has it always been your dream, or is this a recent development?

Mastering Breathwork

Kendall: I was an English teacher for many years. I was good at little scenes but not at putting them together to create a meaningful, complete picture. Say what you want about those books, but they walked into my life at just the right moment and hit me just the right way. Of all the settings you could have used, why did you pick Australia and Hervey Bay?

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While I was there on the internship, we had a research permit that allowed us get very close to the animals. It features a real-life whale serenade from my time in Hervey Bay. Will it be about whales as well? Or will it be something else? It will leave one of the supporting characters in a very…precarious position. This character is one whose motivations are quite sketchy throughout the trilogy, which makes for GREAT conflict, distrust, and tension.

I also introduce several other characters in the second and third books, all of whom have weaseled into my heart in different ways.

Seeb - Breathe (Lyric Video) ft. Neev

There are plenty more stories I could write about my wild and crazy Elementals if readers are interested. Or try my hand at some non-fiction. Where did you come up with the ideas for the Dreaming and Elementals? Kendall: I read a lot of Aboriginal Australian myths and fell in love with their idea of the Dreaming also called Dreamtime.

As for the Elementals, I researched pagan traditions and the characteristics of the four elements. I created rules that govern the Elementals and Sentinels.

We breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, where does the carbon come from?

Like the Dreaming, the Elemental world in my head is constantly evolving. My odd social observations often drive my writing and set off the light bulbs that trigger world-building breakthroughs. Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Kara. I am in total awe of you, Kendall. Your passion for your work is such an inspiration.

Every time I read a review or interview I totally love you even more Kendall!! You are just amazing!! Wow, what an awesome way to help out a cause that means so much to you. This sounds like a really good book! Congratulations on your upcoming release.

You deserve all the success in the world, and then whatever success can be mined on outer planets. Gracey recommends starting by inhaling for two counts, then exhaling for two, a pattern called breathing. Try it walking first, then on easy runs, beginning with one minute at a time every mile or two and gradually increasing the duration of your focus. As you grow more comfortable with focused breathing, you can use it for faster runs, such as intervals and tempo.

Paying attention to your breath can help you gauge your pace and tolerate the discomfort of speedy paces, so you can improve your ventilatory threshold even further, Bies says. Start by using breathing during strides— to second bursts of faster running—or second hill repeats, Gracey recommends.

Eventually, you can extend the rhythm throughout longer intervals—say, faster half-mile or mile repetitions.

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On easy runs, try or breathing, she says. Others recommend experimenting with a longer inhale than exhale— for faster running, or for easier running—to see what feels more natural for you.

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Doing so may better distribute the impact across both sides of your body. Many new runners breathe from their chest instead of their diaphragm, further limiting their oxygen intake. Combat this with belly breathing.

Kegel Your Way to a Stronger Core

For five minutes in the morning or before you run, lie down and place your hand on your stomach. Take slow, deep breaths that lift your hand as you inhale and sink it as you exhale. During workouts and races, Gracey uses breathing paired with mentally tallying her strides. The first four-count inhalation and exhalation is one. The second is two, and so on. She counts from one to , then starts over again. While consistent running strengthens your breathing muscles, you can take them to boot camp for a bigger boost using a device like POWERbreathe.

Experts call this inspiratory muscle training. Think: breathing from your belly, not shrugging your shoulders or straining your neck. In one recent study, Barnes found runners improved their performance in a 3,meter time trial when they did 30 resisted breaths immediately beforehand as a warmup.