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Yes, it was Source Code. For some reason, I find myself smiling. Probably because of the cleverness of the plot. I hope it remains good till the end. Chapters view spoiler [ Some questions: that nurse or whoever she was who was sitting next to the butler, who was she? Could she be Anna? I wish Evelyn had revealed something.

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She knew? I must admit, it was clever to leave that note though I wonder what Cunningham would find.

Also, whoever was in Daniel seems as irritated as our protagonist. I am looking forward to meeting him!

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Alright, everything goes the same way for 8 days. For example, the butler was frozen in place when he saw Sebastian Bell in the rain, but he was frozen because he had been Sebastian the previous day and was only confused and shocked. Why would the real butler freeze in his steps there? Why the real characters did what they did? Little rabbit, is he? And poor Cunningham but that was a clever way. Also, did the previous people who became Ravencourt try that? Aiden Bishop. If that Plague Doctor knows everything, why did he ask about the name from our protagonist in the beginning?

Derby sure I clever. Did Evelyn break into the room? Also, where the hell is Cunningham? Could he be involved with someone else? Her parents are horrible! Yes, why the change of weapons?

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Could there be something in her drink? I wish one of the hosts is Michael. Will Cunningham still be his friend when he wakes up on another day? Maybe he is the one who actually attacks Evelyn and Madeline and then hands over the compass to Bell, but what about the bullet? Could it be the girls? I like Anna, and I hope they all are freed, but I think one would be left behind. This is somewhat predictable but I am immensely enjoying it.

This is fun! So, the Plague Doctor regrets the Aiden voluntarily joined to solve this murder mystery? Well, maybe then they both know each other personally.

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Or am wrong. I wanna know that since they are solving this mystery, is Evelyn dead in real already and now they are trying to find the murderer or she will be murdered in the future and they are actually trying to avoid it? So Anna knew him before?

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Is that it? And why would everyone be afraid of him if he does it right?

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Could it be one of the rivals who hit him on the head? Or was it Evelyn? Also, yeah, Anna could betray him. She might be the clue. And all this means that Evelyn Hardcastle died a long time ago. Oh, lol. I get it. Sorry haha. But on another note, he has the weapon!

Could he be involved? Or the other rival or even Anna since she wanted him to be near that rock. Poor Evelyn. And did Millicent just die from just a heart attack? That I am still only half-way through the book! Chapter view spoiler [Why did Evelyn look confused when she pulled the trigger? Was she told it would be fake or was it just something natural in her state?

Or perhaps she saw someone? Did she herself pull the trigger, or someone shot her before she could? He died, I loved that scene. And the death scene of Evelyn changed. Why would he be so trusting? Anyway, I think that the favour he has to ask is ii be there when the footman is to be caught but I cannot be sure since they apparently dropped that chase. Also, it was weird why Gold asked him to stay in the carriage. Will he really give her up if he leaves it? And Sutcliffe was the same in whose wardrobe Cunningham found the mask? He sure is hollow and only cares about money.

Maybe he is working for her then? Plus who told Cunningham to tell Aiden and give him the message saying all of them? Poor Bell.


But very good! I think Anna will betray him for some reason. I wanna know who gets out. So, did Helena frame her lover? Sometimes I wonder if Thomas really is alive.

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What is Cunningham up to? And why wipe their memories every time the loop is reset? And what clothes did Helena find? And why was Stanwin surprised at his treatment of Lucy? Are they together or something? Do they have a connection? He must be the most powerful host. That red haired girl is Lucy. Damn sure! Yeah, it better be! I laughed so much here. A little ease in this otherwise twisted and utterly serious tale.

I want to believe Anna too. Maybe she was saving some other host of Aiden, someone who might be more helpful. Maybe she was just saving herself. Daniel always was shady, but who is he then? Could he be the Plague Doctor? I forgot who was Charles. Helena, why the hell are you? And now Daniel!! And why did Thomas bolted? It suggests he was meeting someone at the lake. Probably Helena. So, yeah, someone could be willing to kill the whole family. Could it be Carver now?