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Never did I believe in kindness. Quotes New.

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Dear user,. My Dear Granny. Copy link.

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Content Ranking. Never did I believe in kindness But you embraced it in me Being a teacher, taught me a lesson: to love Told me; inside you, let it groove With you, I've felt alive In your presence, I've felt so bright In my mind, the thought always wandered Without you, will I be able to survive? His name is Mr Frances.

Not sure if the name is Roogy, but a strange nickname if it is.

Or could it be the family name, or was his name Roger? There is also a pencil sketch which appears to show boxer Jack Johnson punching a suffragette and at the same time having his backside kicked by a small person who may be Roogy and who also appears to be sticking his tongue out. Presumably the drawing is contemporary with the letter because Johnson was world heavyweight champion from until , but for some reason he seems to be depicted as a white chap with a big black moustache.

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Possibly it was a private nickname for somebody else entirely. Or perhaps there was another Jack Johnson who hated the suffragettes and this is a private joke between grandmother and grandson. Perhaps it lay undiscovered for decades in a piece of furniture which was subsequently sold and so the family thread was snapped.

So Roy would be aged about 13 when he wrote this letter.

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