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This statement serves as a crucial hermeneutical or interpretive guide. DP makes an effort in this statement to say that the teaching can be universally accepted by anyone because it is rooted in reason. Of course, the teaching is not just reason per se, but reason and faith.


But this is to indicate that the teaching outlined in DP can rationally be accepted by someone who is not Catholic. An analogy may help explain why. What does the existence of the world say about its origins? What does the intricate design say about its origins?

Once one looks along the world one is drawn to that which is beyond the world. If the atheist accepts, he or she is no longer an atheist. Likewise with the bioethical teachings of the Church. If we look at them, they are consistent with reason.

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If we look along them, we are drawn to the Divine vision and vocation for Man. In this regard, DP references the Hippocratic Oath. In the current multifaceted philosophical and scientific context, a considerable number of scientists and philosophers, in the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath , see in medical science a service to human fragility aimed at the cure of disease, the relief of suffering and the equitable extension of necessary care to all people n.

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DP drives home the point here that what follows is consistent with reason and that the traditional ends of medicine life and health remain the appropriate aims of this discipline. The Church encourages practitioners to seek these good ends. In what follows, DP addresses first the ethical and anthropological principles needed to assess the moral character of some developments in biotechnology. In the third section, DP addresses the new ways in which human beings, once engendered, are then manipulated further.

One general observation that may come as a surprise to some is that the vast majority of countries in the world have very conservative cultures. The U. Abortion is severely restricted in most countries, and very few nations have redefined marriage around the world. Your area of expertise is conscience rights in medicine. This is especially important when it comes to abortion — which is when most Catholics hear about it — but what other areas pose a risk for the conscience rights of Catholic doctors?

There is a very broad and concerted attack on conscience rights in many Western countries. The abortion lobby really wants to kick pro-life persons out of the healing professions. Catholic doctors and hospitals are a living reproach to abortionists because they refuse to participate in the killing of preborn children. With the rise of euthanasia and assisted suicide, this is another area where conscientious objection is needed and can be countercultural.

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I find that nurses, midwives and especially pharmacists are frequently the targets of regulations and rulings that discriminate against the right to conscientious objection. Midwives are increasingly pushed to participate in abortions or contraception. Pharmacists can have a terrible time finding employment where they are not required to dispense the birth control pill or drugs for assisted suicide or other illicit products.

You worked for Human Life International for 20 years. What from that experience will you bring to your new position? It reaches all continents and spreads the Gospel of Life around the world. I will be bringing the same zeal for promoting the dignity of the human person to the NCBC.

I hope to put my international experience to good use at the NCBC.

Pro Vita 2016: The Bioethics of Life: Catholic Principles in Bioethics

There is a real need for centers like the NCBC in many countries. Hopefully, we will be able to establish partnerships in many places.

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  • Contemporary Issues in Bioethics : A Catholic Perspective.
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