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Just like Adam and Eve , we desperately desire to be bigger shots than we are. Satan lied to them then, and he's still lying to us today. Because of the world's false values, we seldom see ourselves as we really are.

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The truth is that in the eyes of God, every believer is rich and famous. We possess the richness of a salvation that can never be taken from us. This is the treasure that's immune from moths and rust. We take it with us when we die, unlike money or fancy possessions:. We are famous and precious to our Savior, so much that he sacrificed himself so we can spend eternity with him.

His love surpasses any earthly fame because it will never end. God's heart can be heard in these words of the Apostle Paul to Timothy as he urges him to stay free from the allure of money and wealth:.

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God calls us to stop comparing our houses, cars, clothes, and bank accounts. His word urges us to stop feeling inadequate because we don't own the outward symbols of success. We only find satisfaction and contentment in the true riches we have in God and in our Savior:.

When we turn away from the lure of money and wealth and turn your eyes to an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ , we experience our greatest fulfillment. That's where we'll finally find all the riches we've ever wanted. Share Flipboard Email. Updated December 27, Colossians , NIV. Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. So the rich were always part of the Church, even from the beginning. In a post about a year and a half ago, I argued that Jesus came for the Rich and not the Poor.

I wasn't arguing that Jesus wanted a world of rich people or was interested in making people rich but that the social message of a lot of religious may be misguided. I was arguing that the Church's message should be directed at the rich not the poor no matter how heretical that seemed. Catholic social policy tends to be more focussed on results in this world as opposes to salvation.

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Jesus is not interested in this world per se, but the next world. The post was made after the gospel of Lazarus being denied help at the gate of the rich man. Lazarus got a free pass into heaven while the rich man went to hell. Now if you believe that all deserve heaven, the message is clear.

It is aimed at the rich man and his attitudes not the poor man. Using Monopoly terms, the poor man got a free pass to Go to collect his reward, while the rich man got a pass to Jail with no reprieve. So is the gospel about the plight of the poor or the attitude of the rich man. I argue it is the latter.

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  • This also came up in a discussion of Catholic Schools recently at our parish. The school was closed two years ago and two adjoining parishes are also closing their schools in June while the parish is being assessed to help support inner city Catholic schools. It is an interesting trade off that has to be made but it is not clear what is the best answer. The inner city kids will get a better education while the suburban kids will still get a decent education academically but probably not spiritually.

    There are a lot of upset parents. We all felt that the Archdiocese should be spending a lot of time, money and effort on making Catholic education available to all its children not just the poor ones. As and aside, the typical parish school model seems to be dead but a regional approach could be a vibrant alternative. Most popular. I need to call my broker. This almost slapstick satire of a Wife-of-Oligarch-Christianity in the film undergirds several serious questions regarding Christianity in Singapore, and reveals damning truths found in a country half the size of Los Angeles but containing , millionaires.

    According to Dr. Crazy Rich Asians does not only describe Christianity in Singapore, but also in Hong Kong, a similarly post-British-Christian-colonial hub with similar degrees of income inequality and cosmopolitanism. In the novel's sequel , China Rich Girlfriend , a character named Kitty is taken to Hong Kong's Stratosphere Church, branded "the highest church in the world," at 99 stories up, and having an attendee list with incomes just as high: "It boasts more members on the South China Morning Post's rich list than any other private club on the island.

    Hong Kong and Singapore function as centers for Christianity in Asia along with other cities such as Manila and Seoul : Hong Kong has around , Christians 12 percent of the population , while Singapore has around 1 million 18 percent of the total population. Residents of both cities attempt to navigate Christianity within an economy squarely focused on accumulating capital and governments desiring to squash any form of religion challenging its profit model.

    Crazy Rich Asians merely points out these fault lines hidden underneath a supposedly stable religious society. This summer, I found myself working in Hong Kong, where I began to attend an international, English-language church, with a Hong Kong Chinese majority, but a sizable group of Filipino attendees and a small contingency of white expatriates.


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    Upon first entrance, I could immediately spot the class differences in the sanctuary, largely divided between the Filipino domestic "helpers" there are , foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong and the more affluent Hong Kong Chinese, many of whom undoubtedly hire these workers in their homes. Some Filipino women, I could see, were there to simply have an air conditioned space to sit down and relax on their one day off, as they live in their employer's homes and are pushed out on the seventh day Hong Kong is notoriously cramped and humid — hospitable public spaces are almost nonexistent.

    Should Christians be Rich? - James 5:1-6

    However, others worshipped with abandon, eagerly shaking my hand and blessing me every Sunday. However, thousands of protesters were migrant workers seeking better working conditions, many working in tandem with Christian nonprofits and church organizations.

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    Within this stronghold of high-intensity capitalism, I began to see how Christianity could be used to speak truth to power, rather than assimilate to it. My anecdotal experience by no means encapsulates the lives of almost 1 million Hong Kong Christians, nor separates Hong Kong Christianity from its Singaporean counterpart.