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The Biofeedback Treatment of Headaches. The Multimodality Management of Headaches.

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Lee Kudrow, William H. Rickles, Jack H.

Biofeedback in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Behavioral Assessment and Treatment of Fecal Incontinence. Biofeedback Therapy with Children. Biofeedback and Dermatology. Personality Characteristics of Psychosomatic Patients. Biofeedback and Medicine.

Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction During the past five years there has been a reawakening of interest in the psychotherapy of patients with medical disorders characterized as psychosomatic. Traumatic brain injuries are helped significantly. People experience tingling in their brains as blood flow is healed, and new nerve connections are made to repair damage. Clients report more concentration, lower anxiety, and improvements with other things.

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The methods are well researched. My goal is to help clients gain more mental and emotional control and freedom for more well-being. It comes down to feeling vibrations and use of our mental abilities in a positive way. I can be reached at petermeilahn " " yahoo. If you want to confirm with your insurance that it will be covered you would need to ask if Franklin Family Services is considered in-network.

I have been a speaker for annual conferences held by:.

Biofeedback and Counseling Center | Reduce stress. Improve your life. |

They then learn to strengthen it and increase until until they master it in everyday life. As we move along the process we start to process lifestyle or challenges that we will shift with understanding and skill. The client has music, movies, or visuals that change depending on how they are doing. The client adjusts what they are doing when different things come up, and we do counseling and coaching to identify and learn to strengthen abilities that the client already has.

We also work on how to apply it in everyday life. All this is guided by research, and it has been shown to be successful in hundreds of studies for many different conditions. You can see some of the results in the page about that is for results for the different treatments I use.

Biofeedback is as effective as stimulants for ADHD and the results last at least 6 and 12 years after because they are learned with the brain changes Biofeedback us supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics for ADHD. Recent research showed that 11 out of 11 cases of dissociation problems from trauma were healed.

Early biofeedback researchers were so successful that the American Psychological Association investigated their work. I do one or two sessions per week. Research uses 2 sessions that are a half hour long. Doing 2 per week is faster but often difficult with schedules.

Biofeedback and Family Practice Medicine

I combine 2 sessions in one longer one for those that need one session per week. I do biofeedback with psychotherapy and am a marriage and family therapist. Insurance is accepted from most insurances. This includes state health plans.

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Afternoon times are in the clinic and day times or morning times can be in schools or home. For most treatments 50 sessions are required, and some things like autism or extreme PTSD may require more.