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Visit our site guide to learn more about us. Using our ESL materials. Printing resources. Requesting ESL lesson plans. English grammar guide and phrasal verbs section, games and more. Read the writing of other ESL teachers - or send something in yourself. Join in the discussion.

Read about other teachers who have taught where you want to go - get the low down on wages, visas, regulations and much more. Send in your own tips and info. Free ESL board games. Including empty master versions.

Lesson Planning For New Teachers Tips For Building Lesson Plans

Print out and play for enjoyable lessons. Many grammar and vocabulary points covered.

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    How to Plan a Lesson for Teaching English (ESL) in China; A Lesson Planning Guide for Public Schools

    Add your own tales if you want Pronunciation materials. Printable IPA Phonetic charts.

    Improve student pronunciation, intonation, stress skills. We have specially developed materials to help you prepare students for Cambridge English Qualifications.

    A New Teacher's Guide to ESL Lesson Planning

    You can download free lesson plans, handbooks, vocabulary lists and sample papers for all of our qualifications. We also have speaking test example videos that you can show your students to familiarise them with the tests. Cambridge English webinars cover a wide spectrum of subjects, including effective teaching methods, tips to improve student engagement, developing your career, and digital skills training.

    They give you the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about our exams and how they are assessed. Cambridge English webinars for teachers. We have a wealth of resources for teachers of English, wherever you are teaching. You can use our resources in your classroom, or use them to create your own lesson plans. We also have apps, games, and activities that you can use with your students.

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    There are resources for teachers to use in the classroom, and others for students to practise at home. Discover our range of official preparation materials. We provide industry-leading qualifications that prove what teachers of English can do. These qualifications are mapped to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework, and support teachers every step of the way by helping them build the skills and confidence they need to teach English effectively.

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